Courtroom records, 1914-twenty-two, in addition to heirship commission records and you will associated facts, 1921-22

Details relating to tribal council activities, 1915-39, 1955

Textual Facts (for the Kansas Urban area): General correspondence and accounts, 1895-1934, plus characters received, 1901-9; correspondence toward Administrator away from Indian Affairs, 1910-22; company main subject file, 1895-1922; annual accounts, 1910-22; and you can various facts concerning the performs of Chippewa Payment, 1888-1900. Employees ideas, 1908-42. Records of provides and you will assets, 1907-19. Monetary details, 1908-twenty two, including abstracts of money disbursements, 1908-18. Belongings ideas, 1871-1921, and details regarding home allotments, 1892-1921; facts out of studies and you will appraisals, 1871- 1921; residential property have fun with ideas, 1910-20; land deal facts, 1902- 18, as well as apartments, indentures, and suggestions out of product sales; and suggestions out of paths and you will railways, 1904. Info from Private Indian money (IIM), 1908-22. Details away from tribal masters, 1913-21. An enroll out-of family members, 1901, and thumbprint cards, 1912. Information regarding health and public software, 1901-twenty-two, and additionally good 1906 housing survey; suggestions out of births, deaths, and you may marriages, 1904-22; suggestions out-of physicians and you will area professionals, 1912-21; and you will records out-of reimbursable purchases, 1914-twenty two. Information away from studies, 1909-22, plus interaction, 1918-22; Oak Part Big date College pupil training, 1922; and you can account and you will times, 1916-twenty two. Ideas of Chippewa Tribal Council relating to suspensions away from band membership, 1911-several.

Tribal house allowance and you can appraisal information, 1904-31

Textual Information (in the Denver): Letters delivered and you will gotten by superintendent, 1907-ten. Superintendent’s specialized diary, 1907- twelve. Standard management data files, 1890-1960. Yearly account, 1890-1909. Monetary facts, 1899-1971 . Info in accordance with belongings allotments, 1896-1946. Information according to farming situations, 1898-1941. Grazing allow circumstances records and you will relevant communications, 1910-70 . Communications and you may accounts according to grazing, wildlife, and range requirements, 1935-63. Telecommunications and other suggestions per irrigation strategies,1905-57 . Reimbursable transformation ledger and handle sheets, 1915-fifty. Tribal census records, 1894-1907. Records concerning the Arapaho, 1908-forty-two. Checklist off violent obligations, hearings Arnhem in Netherlands bride, and you may trials, 1914-twenty-five. Indian wellness profile, 1889-1912. Indian procedure guides, 1900-19. Record from ration issues, 1912-34. Ideas in accordance with Indian schools, 1893-1926. College student instance information of one’s Genoa, NE, Boarding School, 1917-33. Info supporting timber selling deals, 1958-63. Private Indian money (IIM) ledgers, 1939-66. Work advice case data files, 1957-63. Payroll deductions, 1975-76. Tribal big date sheet sets, for every diem, and check records, 1965-70. Tribal council and you may appointment data, 1935-59. Communication according to tribal homes tracts, 1940-46. Highway prices and you may accounting reports, 1946-56. The police circumstances documents and you may account, 1907- 69. Tribal censuses, 1931-58. Tribal attorney agreements, 1956-67. Formal invoices, 1936-56. Considered records to have reservation developments, which have interfiled photo, 1927-41. Community survey laptops, 1933-41. Judgment fund listings, 1940-41. Blended per capita percentage information, 1945-67. Soil surveys and value profile, that have interfiled aerial pictures, 1933-53. Homes lease instance data files, 1916-85. Survey guides, 1932-52. Correspondence and accounts per tribal irrigation strategies, 1928-sixty. Tribal believe profile standard ledger, 1945-66. Ideas per irrigation and you may drinking water rights, 1920-51. Individual software and you can You.S. Treasurer have a look at duplicates, 1963-70. Diversity Unit renting, 1934-56. Borrowing procedures account, 1955-57. Irrigation investment preparations, 1930-49. Accounts and interaction in accordance with rentals and you will irrigation projects, 1920-forty eight. Tribal variety task facts, 1943-56. Irrigation process and fix suggestions, 1920-fifty. Tribal budgets, discount coupons, and you can invoices, 1954-59. Various communications, 1901-39. Subject files per general administrative issues, 1957-59. Inventory out-of Dinwoody items, 1939. For every single capita payments, 1954-58. Personal Indian money (IIM) ledgers and related info, 1939-68 . Details help timber conversion process deals,1944-63. Irrigation technology files, having interfiled illustrations, charts, and you may images, 1905-67. Homes allocation and you can project facts, 1891-1958. Irrigation opportunity considered details, 1905-63. Account relating to Cinch Lake irrigation programs, 1913-58. Times off group meetings of your own Leclair Dump Connection, 1911. Venture crushed studies, diversity surveys, and agricultural reports, that have interfiled photos, 1915-55. Scheduling property allowance region guides, 1905-ten. Program goal interaction, 1910-67. For every single capita payment ledgers, 1898-1956. For each and every capita payment lists, 1960-65, 1973-75. IIM and you may special dumps, 1953. Piezometer readings and you can relevant investigation produced from crushed and you may compression knowledge, 1961-62. Ideas relating to the Arapaho Farm, 1940-69. A position direction case data, 1957-63. Statement out-of invoices, dollars, assets, and you can disbursements at the Shoshone Agency, 1897-1910. List away from employees on Shoshone Department, 1907-twenty-two.